New, bare concrete installations generally must be cured a minimum of 28 days. You should check with the concrete manufacturer or installer to ensure that the proper timeframe has elapsed before you seal the concrete.  Also consider that other curing compounds used on the concrete may not be compatible with our sealers. 

You should definitely seal your concrete as soon as possible to maintain its functionality and looks!  Keep the mold and mildew out of your concrete, prevent concrete spalling and harm from freeze thaw, pitting and salt damage.

Concrete surfaces should be clean, free of dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants. Pressure washing with 2,000 psi pressure cold water may be necessary. On older concrete surfaces; sandblasting, shot blasting or high-pressure cold water may be used. Chemical cleaning or high-pressure hot water may also be used. Rinse thoroughly after chemical cleaning. The surface pores must be opened up sufficiently to allow immediate penetration of AQUA-X 11. The substrate should have a pH between 6-10.

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