1. PREPARE: Clean and thoroughly rinse surfaces.  Protect surfaces not intended to be sealed. The surface must be dry during application.  Ensure proper surface temperature. The surface temperature should be between 30-120 F (-1-49 C), and should not drop below the minimum temperature for 12 hours from the start of application. Use the proper equipment.

2. TEST: Product may darken certain stone or tile areas.  Perform a small test area using the product to ensure suitability and the desired results prior to full application.  Use the same preparation, equipment and conditions expected during the entire application.

3. APPLY: Shake well. Do NOT Dilute or alter the product. Coverage rate is up to 75 square feet per 16 ounces depending on porosity. Apply one coat of sealer to surface.  Ensure smooth application of sealer. If product puddles or drips on the surface, back-roll or smooth out with a lint free cloth to remove excess product for even coverage. DO NOT FLOODCOAT. Allow sufficient dry times.  Average dry times for this product are typically 2 hours.

4. CLEANUP: Clean equipment thoroughly until free of sealer residue. Sealer will stain clothing but can be removed from 

skin with a mild cleaner.

5. MAINTAIN: Remove oil and other fluids from the sealed surface as soon as possible using a mild cleaning agent.