1. PREPARE: The surface to be treated should be properly cleaned before any application of AQUA-X 11.  The surface should be free of dirt, oil, contaminants, and any other substance that could interfere with the sealer penetrating the surface as intended. AQUA-X 11 should not be applied to any surface that has been modified with the addition of any admix or post treatment.  If stain is to be applied to the surface, it should be applied prior to sealing with AQUA-X 11.  New concrete surfaces must be cured a minimum of 28 days and pressure treated wood must be properly cured.  Other curing compounds may not be compatible. Pressure washing with 2,000 psi pressure cold water may be necessary. On older concrete surfaces; sandblasting, shot blasting or high-pressure cold water may be used. Chemical cleaning or high-pressure hot water may also be used. Rinse thoroughly after chemical cleaning. The surface pores must be opened up sufficiently to allow immediate penetration of AQUA-X 11. 

2. TEST: Perform a small test area (at least 2 sq. ft.) using the product to ensure suitability and the desired results prior to full application.  Test for application coverage rate. Use the same preparation, equipment and conditions expected during the entire application.  Due to the wide variety of substrates, preparation methods, application methods and environments, test the product in an inconspicuous spot for penetration and compatibility prior to full application. 

3. APPLY: Horizontal Surfaces: Prior to application, the surface should be completely dry for best results. The surface temperature should be between 30-120° F (-1-49° C), and it should be maintained for 12 hours from the start of application. If freezing conditions exist before application, let the surface thaw. The water carrier may freeze at low temperatures or evaporate in hot conditions. Do not apply if rain is expected within 3 hours. Do not dilute or alter this product. Generally, apply one coat of AQUA-X with low-pressure spray equipment (15 psi), or with a paint roller. Use a fan type spray nozzle for best uniform results. Avoid atomization of material.  If a second coat is required, much less material will be needed. On horizontal surfaces use enough material to keep the surface wet for 3-4 minutes before AQUA-X completely penetrates the surface. 

Smooth or back roll any product that puddles on the surface. Dense surfaces will only require a single application, but for more porous surfaces you may need two coats. Use enough sealer to completely wet the surface without creating drips, puddles or rundown. Do not over apply. Typically, the surface can be reopened to traffic in one hour, if the temperature is at 72°F (22°C) or above. Surface should be visibly dry. The sealed surface reaches optimal water-repellent properties in 72 hours after application. 

Vertical Surfaces: Apply the material from the bottom of the wall upwards spraying so that it will run down the surface at least six inches below the spray pattern. After applying one coat, wipe the access off with a non-linting cloth to avoid streaking. See above instructions for more information on applying the product. 

4. CLEAN UP: Place any unused sealer back into original container to store for future use. Clean equipment thoroughly until free of sealer residue. Sealer will stain clothing but can be removed from skin with a mild cleaner. Do not let product freeze. If product freezes, do not use and dispose of properly.  Do not store in areas where temperatures are above 90 F (32 C) or in direct sunlight. Storing at higher than suggested temperatures will greatly reduce shelf life. Waste from this product is not hazardous as defined under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) 40 CFR 261. Incinerate in approved facility. Do not incinerate closed container. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State/Provincial, and Local regulations regarding pollution.

5. MAINTAIN: Remove oil and other fluids from the sealed surface as soon as possible using a mild cleaner.  If the treated surface becomes contaminated with dirt, dust, pollen, or other substances, it will impede the visual water beading effect. Simply pressure wash the surface to remove the contaminates and the product will continue to repel moisture.